Meet the Team: Lindsay Fox, Head of Volunteering

Posted 16 March 2022

What is your role at Media Trust?

I oversee Media Trust’s volunteer strategy and lead our excellent volunteering team who strive to ensure all our volunteers have a rewarding and impactful experience while working with us. This involves developing new volunteering opportunities and new ways of volunteering to tap into the vast range of skills, knowledge and experience our volunteers bring. I also really want to tap and expand a more diverse network of volunteers in terms of their ethnicity and geographic location among other things, to better meet our charities’ needs. We also want to enhance the training, support and check-in’s we provide our volunteers and how we give our longest-serving volunteers more public recognition. 

What did you do prior to joining Media Trust?

I have a non-profit background, including with youth literacy charity Coram Beanstalk as Head of Growth, Compliance and Safeguarding, The Prince’s Trust as Volunteer and Secondments Programme Manager and at children and young people’s mental health charity YCT as CEO. I also work as a freelance consultant on safeguarding and volunteer management, predominantly with other charities and in education settings.

Why is volunteering so important to Media Trust?

Media Trust’s work would simply not be possible without the support of our fantastic volunteers, who are central to all our programmes and activities.

The results of our volunteer matches speak for themselves – from award-winning charity films, to advocacy campaigns with stronger cut-through, bigger audiences and reach, more confident data analysis and overall enhanced impact on the part of the charities we help. Meanwhile, our wonderful industry volunteers have also been mentoring up and coming diverse talent to give them a hand-up to break into or progress in the media and creative sector.

But we also know that volunteering is a two-way street. The inspirational volunteering opportunities we offer allow media sector professionals to walk in the shoes of people they would otherwise probably never come in contact with and come face to face with local communities and local issues they would otherwise probably not be aware of. That enhanced contact and connectivity is what so many of our volunteers really value about working with Media Trust and underlies the enhanced levels of employee satisfaction, motivation, team spirit and pride in coming to work that we hear from so many of our corporate partners. The work we are planning to better measure the impact our volunteering has on individual volunteers and their employers will also support this.

What kinds of opportunities are available to people interested in volunteering at Media Trust?

We have a huge range of opportunities available to volunteers, including bespoke options for industry partners that have a specific offer or idea that we can work with.

This includes large-scale events where volunteer teams spend the day with multiple charities tackle their biggest marketing or comms challenge. We are also always looking for industry experts to run charity masterclasses or to join one of our programme advisory boards. We currently have a number of media professionals helping in this way to shape the curriculum and content for our capacity building programmes for climate action and mental health charities.

For anyone working in the screen industries, our Volunteer Films programme matches volunteer directors with charities looking to make short (and often award-winning) films about their work.

Finally, our online volunteer matching platform connects volunteers with charities who are looking for help on specific challenges, whether long-term or short-term, ranging from social media strategy, to media interview training or website development.

How can potential volunteers reach out to offer support?

Feel free to contact me direct on [email protected] and we can talk about opportunities that might be well-suited to you and/or your organisation!

In the meantime, please register on our online volunteer matching platform to browse some of the exciting opportunities there.

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