Digital communications training for UK charities

* Please note this programme has now ended, email Jade at [email protected] if you would like information on our new Digital Communications Programme for 2022.

Last year, Covid-19 catapulted the charity sector into the digital world, whether they were prepared or not. Organisations were forced to rapidly move services online, develop new ways of working, communicate ever changing Government guidance and increase their digital fundraising capabilities as a matter of urgency.

The impact of this pandemic is long-lasting, with 56% of charities reporting that demand for their services is going to surge due to local lockdown restrictions and as rising unemployment filters down to communities. Now more than ever, charities need vital support to upskill in marketing and communications to ensure they reach those in need amidst a noisy digital world.

Helping charities communicate and engage online

Our 2021 Digital Comms Programme, supported by, builds on our flagship Digital Skills Programme which launched in 2018 and trained over 1500 charities across the UK.   

The Digital Comms Programme will provide free digital communications training, mentoring and resources tailored to charities across the UK.

The programme includes: 

  • 6 webinars run in partnership with Google Digital Garage
  • Digital mentoring for 20 charities 
  • Online digital comms resources on Media Trust’s Resource Hub
  • 7 online digital marketing strategy workshops

In addition, charities can also sign up to Media Trust’s Digital Spring or Summer School – a three-week in-depth course made up of live training, online mentoring and learning resources delivered by our expert digital trainers and mentors. 

This unique programme has been developed to help charities and community groups access the vital digital communications training they need to strengthen their communications capabilities, reach the right people and get their voices heard in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Applications for Digital Spring School are now closed.

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Who can take part?

Employment opportunity has been facing an ever-increasing threat in recent years due to job automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and this has only been accelerated by Covid-19. Unemployment was expected to hit 8.3% by the end of 2020 and will continue to rise when the furlough scheme ends in March 2021. Young people aged 18-24 have been particularly affected.

Over the years the UK has seen a steady increase in the amount of time we spend online. Once again, this has been heightened by the pandemic in every age group, but particularly amongst 18-24-year old’s who average 5 hours and 4 minutes online per day. As time spent online grows, so does the need for safeguarding and protection.

Therefore, for some delivery elements of the programme, priority will be given to charities that work in the thematic areas of Work & Learning and Online Safety, and where this is applicable, it will be clearly stated. Otherwise, the programme is open to all UK registered charities, community groups, CICs and social enterprises.

Work & Learning

If your work: 

  • Supports young people or adults into training, education or employment 
  • Provides support for people and families at risk of, or experiencing, poverty caused by unemployment 
  • Campaigns for and supports people on low wages and insecure work and contracts

Online Safety

If your organisation provides information or training on staying safe online to children, schools or parents. This work could include promoting the safe and responsible use of technology, as well as issues including online gambling, pornography, privacy, data and mental health. 

Get in touch 

We are constantly developing our training for charities to ensure we meet the needs of the sector, so do get in touch with us if you have any ideas or suggestions. We would love to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected] 

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