Media Trust’s response to COVID-19

Whilst our face-to-face programme delivery is on hold, Media Trust is still hard at work ensuring we are adapting to the changing needs of charities and young people in these unprecedented times.

Services for charities

Many charities will struggle to provide vital front-line services, support those in need or bring in essential income during this uncertain time. With self-isolation, remote working and a move to social distancing, communication matters more than ever. Media Trust’s COVID-19 Comms Response is about working together, with the media and creative industry, to provide charities with the vital communications support they need over the next few months.

Together with Charity Comms we launched the COVID-19 Comms Support Survey to understand first-hand the key challenges charities are facing now in how they communicate with beneficiaries, volunteers, partners, donors, staff members and other stakeholders during this period.

Through our Resource Hub, we are offering a full range of marketing and communications online resources, guides and tools to help charities through the difficult months ahead. If you can contribute any materials for our online Resource Hub, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch.

You can also visit our Volunteer Platform for virtual digital, marketing or communications support. The platform connects charities with professionals from across the media and creative industry who want to share their skills and expertise with charities, all for free. Register today.

Media and creative industry support for charities, communities and young people

We are currently working with the media and creative industry, looking at ways they can use their skills to support charities, communities and young people at this time of uncertainty, and will share some of the work we will be doing with our partners as time goes on. Please get in touch if you would like to offer your support.

If you’re a media, marketing or PR professional that wants to use your skills to make a difference, then sign up to our Volunteer Platform. The platform connects charities who need media and communications support and advice, with volunteers from across the media and creative industry who want to share their skills and knowledge for good.

Youth media programme delivery

We are running a reduced and revised programme of youth media activity during this time.

We have moved our Creativity Works Programme online as our trainees work on weekly digital tasks. Check out the Creativity Works Tumblr here.

Media Trust and Jack Petchey Foundations’ Vlogstar Challenge now has an online workshop which can be completed here.

Our Emerging Leaders Network mentoring programme remains ongoing on a remote basis.

More on Media Trust's COVID-19 Comms Response:

Our Corporate Partners

We enjoy outstanding support from the media industry. Our partners include: