Established in 1971 London Nightline is an anonymous listening, support and practical information service. Every night of term, from 6pm to 8am, trained student volunteers offer support via phone, Skype, email and instant messaging services. The service is open to half a million students at 38 universities across greater London and the Open University.

With only one full-time member of staff, London Nightline has limited resources to market and promote their services to university students. In order to increase their visibility and develop a ‘voice’ online they reached out to Media Trust with a request for help to raise awareness of their service.

Having understood their needs, we matched London Nightline with one of our corporate members, creative agency, BBH London. Media Trust worked with London Nightline to develop a brief for BBH. The brief was to develop a social media strategy that would kick-start the opening of their lines for the new academic year.

The Nightline Challenge

BBH not only gave us the tools but also the confidence to find innovative new ways of advertising our service.

Elliot Gathercole co-ordinator at London Nightline

The Challenge

As part of Social Media Week, 2016, six of BBHs creative professionals visited London Nightline at their headquarters in Goodge Street. The BBH team spent the day researching student behaviours and trends, exploring and understanding data and analytics on their current audience, coming up with new, disruptive creative ideas, as well as outlining best practice for developing and maintaining a social media presence.

Elliot Gathercole co-ordinator at London Nightline sums up what the charity got out of the experience and the immediate impact:

“BBH not only gave us the tools but also the confidence to find innovative new ways of advertising our service. Following on from the day we spent with them, we reached out to a local MP who agreed to tweet about us and we also got a quote from Stephen Fry! Before the day I would not have though this would have been possible but thanks to the Media Trust Charity Challenge, BBH helped us to identify potential influencers and then encouraged me to pursue them.”

The experience was really positive for the team and it was a great sense of achievement. Through the Challenge, we were able to work with the team to deliver something practical that London Nightline could take away and apply immediately. Essential when resources are limited.

Charlie Dodd, Production Director, BBH

Our Corporate Partners

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