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Twitter Content Strategy Playbook

12 November 2019

by Twitter



2 hours

Get a unique insight into how some of the biggest brands are successfully using Twitter in the 'Twitter Content Strategy Playbook'.

Created by Twitter, their 2019 guide is all about how to effectively build your brand on the platform.

The Guide’s five chapters cover everything from setting up a profile that communicates your purpose and using hashtags effectively to content and developing your brand tone of voice.

The Guide:

Chapter 1: Bring your brand purpose to life with a strong identity and voice. Implement a strong profile strategy to communicate that purpose to your customers.

Chapter 2: Effectively reach brand goals and connect with what’s happening through an authentic, timely and relevant content strategy.

Chapter 3: Communicate your brand story and reach campaign goals with simple copy and feed-stopping creative.

Chapter 4: Bring it all together with a clear and consistent presence across any of your managed channels.

Chapter 5: Manage Your Presence with #ProTips for miscellaneous situations.

Read it cover to cover, or simply dip in and out of the sections as and when relevant to you.

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