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Charities, like all organisations, need skills, knowledge and expertise in order to communicate effectively with beneficiaries, funders and the public. However, many are unable to.

Research continues to highlight the worrying fact that around half of all small charities have a major skills gap in key areas of social media and structured communications.

This is where Media Trust comes in.We help charities focus on strategic and effective communications with their increasingly limited resources. But we can’t do this alone.

Help us achieve our mission

We enjoy outstanding support from the creative & media industry. Our corporate partners comprise some of the leading brands in the creative and media industry and provide invaluable pro-bono volunteers, in-kind resources, media training & conference venues. Their passion, creativity and skills help us make a huge difference to so many people across the UK. Together, we have been working to improve the lives of people and communities across the UK for more than 20 years.

Charities and Media Volunteers at 2017 Media Trust volunteer event.

Volunteers from more than 20 of our corporate partners came together at our 2017 Women's Voices event to create campaigns and strategies aimed at giving women and girls a voice.

Join us

We rely on the generous support of our Corporate Partners. However, the benefits are two-way. By becoming one of our corporate partners you can provide numerous benefits for your organisation.

We will work with you to support and develop skills-based volunteering activity for your staff. In doing so, you not only meet or outline your own CSR objectives, but can attract new employees and develop, engage, motivate and retain the talent you already have.

By getting staff involved in Media Trust’s volunteering, mentoring and fundraising projects, you can enrich your employees working environment, expand their professional networks and develop their careers. By getting involved, staff are encouraged to share their expertise and knowledge in an impactful way.


Primesight are committed to supporting the non-profit sector in the UK to have a stronger voice, strengthen their communications skills and gain greater knowledge of advertising across the different landscapes. Our partnership with Media Trust enables us to provide skilled volunteering opportunities to our 160 staff in London, Birmingham, Manchester & Glasgow and is a valuable avenue for our staff to use their one charity day that we provide each year to support charitable causes, whilst also developing their own skills

Matt Teenan, CEO, Primesight, Media Trust Corporate Partner

Employee supported volunteering opportunities

Volunteers can provide assistance to charities in many different ways. They may wish to work with a charity on a one-to-one or group basis. Depending on their knowledge and experience, they may choose to deliver specialised training or masterclasses. If time is a concern, they can participate in our one-day volunteer matching or charity challenge events. We also offer staff the opportunity to engage in our youth programmes, mentoring diverse young people to help them better understand the media industry.

As a corporate partner, your employees can network with like-minded media professionals at one of our many sporting or fundraising events.

There are also plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your support for our work by sponsoring one of our exclusive media industry events, such as our Media Industry World Cup or Really Big Quiz, hosted at Google.

As a Corporate Partner you can join us and peers from across the creative and media industry at some of our great fundraising events, including our annual Really Big Quiz.

Our dedicated corporate partnerships team is always on hand to provide your organisation with regular updates on the very latest volunteering opportunities and developments within Media Trust. They will ensure you are kept up to date with the latest initiatives, funded projects, special events and collaborations with other partners.

Most importantly, you’ll be joining an industry-wide network for good. Together, we can make a lasting difference to the way charities and communities campaign across the UK, allowing them to spread their message, raise essential funds and provide much-needed support to their beneficiaries.

Our Corporate Partners

We enjoy outstanding support from the media industry. Our partners include: