Women’s Voices Event 2021: Terms and Conditions

    1. Media Trust welcomes applicants from any charity registered in the United Kingdom.
    2. Only one application per charity will be considered.
    3. Only charities working to support women, girls or those who identify as female will be considered. We positively welcome applications from transgender individuals and charities working with the transgender community.
    4. Entries will only be considered if all sections of the entry form have been completed.
    5. Within the application, charities must clearly describe their communications challenge that involves a specific campaign, new audience they would like to reach, or how they want to raise awareness about their cause.
    6. Charity applications may be submitted at any time up to 9:00 on Monday 25 January 2021. Media Trust will endeavour to notify all successful charities by Friday 29 January 2021.
    7. All successful charities must attend a charity briefing session prior to the event.
    8. A charity brief document must be completed and returned to Media Trust by Friday 12 February 2021.
    9. Since spaces are limited and as a result, we will have to turn down applications, successful charities must commit to sending two suitable staff members to attend, one who deals with the charity communications and one who is a senior leader/decision-maker.
    10. Volunteer applications may be submitted at any time up to 9:00 on Monday 8 February 2021. Media Trust will endeavour to notify all successful applicants by Friday 12 February 2021.
    11. Media Trust may share individual charity and volunteer involvement in our communications, including social media. Details of specific communications challenges will not be shared unless prior permission has been granted.
    12. Successful charities and volunteers must commit to including Media Trust’s social media handles in their social media or communications about the event.
    13. Successful charities must share evaluation and impact with Media Trust up to three months post event.
    14. The main sessions will be recorded and screenshots will be taken. Media Trust reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. Media Trust may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, including but not limited to: brochures, social media, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. If you do not wish to be included in photographs or video please email Louise Dempsey at louised@mediatrust.org.

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