Creativity Works: Multimedia Genius Training Season 7 – The Round-Up

Posted 20 December 2018

Photo by Richard Pascoe 

Last week we saw off our seventh round of Creativity Works: Multimedia Genius Training participants. The scheme started in September 2018 and included six weeks of media-related masterclasses facilitated by top-class media professionals and visits to big-brand media companies such as Sky, Snapchat and BBC.

Each week followed a different media-theme: photography, digital media, journalism, TV and radio. The 30 participants learnt the key parts of each area and got the chance to apply their new skills.

In the latter stages of the programme, they focused on employability skills. Each young person was paired with a media professional who provided four weeks of 1-2-1 career mentoring and coaching. At this stage in the programme, they also took part in workshops covering CV development, cover letter writing, job interview techniques and personal styling.

Last week’s graduation gave an overview of the young people’s journeys and programme highlights. Kindly hosted by Channel 4, mentors, masterclass leaders, funders, Media Trust staff, project partners, supporters, young people and parents were delighted and wowed with testimonials and experiences. It was an emotional evening  – holding back the tears as the participants talked through their 10-week journey. The proof was in each piece of media content they presented, including an array of well-executed short films, vlogs and radio podcasts. A number of them have now found paid jobs/opportunities in the media industry, and there was a return of Creativity Works alumni to provide their positive career updates.

"I am leaving the course realising that I am a creative individual that wants to support and shine a light on invisible communities, through as many media platforms as possible. Creativity Works has opened my eyes to see how easy it is to just get up and go out there and build content, and what a privilege it is to be in the media world. Now I have discovered my worth. I have a great CV, I have experience, and I deserve to be in this industry.”


Mentors also remarked on what an incredible experience it has been for them, and how inspiring it was to hear from the young people about their Creativity Works journeys. Rob Williamson from Twitter, spoke on the night about his experience of mentoring Afsar:

“Being Afsar’s mentor has been a privilege because it means that I am able to use the experience I have and put it to good use. I know that I have been very lucky in my life to be introduced to the right people at the right time so I now want to make this happen for Afsar. It’s been amazing working with such a bright and enthusiastic young man who is full of ideas and keen to learn.

I really hope to continue mentoring and being a contact for Afsar even when he secures that first role. For me this has been a great opportunity to be a help where I can be, but to also connect with someone whom I wouldn’t usually meet in my day to day life. For this reason, I can say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this experience and will continue doing so.”

And what our new funder, Citi Foundation, had to say about the event:

Thanks to everyone for supporting this project – it would be nothing without the commitment and dedication from all involved. Special thanks to our funders Mayor’s Fund for London and Berkeley Foundation and to Jessica Laditan from Channel 4 for hosting us.

The young people’s achievements are a testament to everyone’s involvement. Congratulations to them for channelling their intentions and commitment. We’d love to welcome you back next season!

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