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As a charity, we work in partnership with the creative and media industry to give marginalised groups a stronger voice. We do this, by promoting skills-based volunteering, empowering young people from diverse backgrounds to work in media, and facilitating capacity building and multi-stakeholder dialogue & collaboration. By bridging the gap between the media and creative industries and charities and under-represented communities we are contributing to a more responsible, representative & connected media sector and ultimately, a more socially cohesive Britain.

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We enjoy outstanding support from the creative & media industry, including:

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The creative and media industry are at the heart of everything we do. The passion, creativity, skills and financial support of our Corporate Partners and their staff ensure we make a huge difference to thousands of people and communities across the UK. But the benefits are two-way. You can enrich your employees working environment, expand their professional networks and develop their careers by getting them involved in Media Trust’s volunteering, mentoring and fundraising projects.

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