Creativity Works helped me clarify my career path

Posted 5 May 2021

After completing her History degree, 22-year-old Kate Banura Eagles from London wanted to land an entry-level role working on documentaries in television. Kate had previously been a mentee on the Media Trust & ScreenSkills Emerging Talent Mentoring Programme and then applied for Creativity Works to hear about the different roles in the media and creative industries.

When I applied to Creativity Works, I was just expecting to learn about all the various roles within the media and creative industries and how those working in them got started. I was really focused on landing a job working in TV, specifically on documentaries, however, there were two sessions that changed my mind.

One was with Yahoo News and the other was with Hearst. Both these sessions gave lots of useful information on writing articles and how to pitch them to the media. It was these sessions that made me change direction and want to work in multimedia journalism.

Moving into multimedia journalism 

I am currently taking an NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism followed by an internship with Yahoo News UK.

Creativity Works helped me to prepare for this through the Verizon Media masterclass, where we worked with the Yahoo News UK team to create news stories using social media. This encouraged me to apply for the Yahoo Diversity Scheme.

The importance of teamwork and networking

Throughout the course, I learned the importance of teamwork in developing creative projects. This allowed me to perform well during the group exercise on my Yahoo assessment day. Creativity Works helped me to develop my confidence when talking to experienced people in the industry and taught me the importance of networking.

It’s been a great opportunity to not only learn about the media industry but to build relationships with other people starting out. I got to network and build relationships with other creatives from across London, which I would not have been unable to do otherwise. It’s been invaluable!

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