Finding my career support network with Creativity Works

Posted 13 January 2022

During the first lockdown in 2020, 23-year-old Lydia was looking for work and wondering how to kickstart her career in the TV industry. That’s when she decided to apply for our Creativity Works programme.

When I applied for Creativity Works, like most people, I was at home and in lockdown. I was receiving Universal Credit and not feeling very hopeful about my future career prospects. What I really wanted from Creativity Works was a career support network, so I knew where to turn to when I had career queries, and to gain the skills I needed to stand out among other candidates. I must admit I was sceptical to begin with about the programme being online, however, this ended up working out well for me. Imagine how much money I would have spent on Pret lunches each day!

One part of the programme that stood out for me was the session with Snapchat. It really made me consider social media as a potential career path, despite it not being something I’d thought about before. The session was really interactive, and as a visual learner, this made it one of the most engaging for me. I also really enjoyed our filmmaking session with documentary filmmaker Matty Groves. I was so nervous to share the short film I’d made, but I was also so proud of it because of the time I’d spent working on the stop motion aspect and how unique I felt the final piece was.

Today, I’m working in the TV industry, which had been a dream of mine since before joining Creativity Works. To say the programme helped prepare me for this role and applying for it is an understatement! I found my first job in TV from the Create Jobs page, that all Creativity Works alumni are added to. Without the programme, I wouldn’t have come across the role and or got the ball rolling the way I have.

Although it’s safe to say I’ve had my ups and downs, which is normal for anyone starting out in any industry, the Creativity Works team have been so supportive throughout. I learnt so much about the TV industry and my eyes were really opened to the range of opportunities out there in the media and creative industry.

Creativity Works helped me develop from a person who saw no way onto the career ladder, to someone who now has the world at their feet.

I’d encourage anybody with an interest in the media and creative industry to apply for Creativity Works. Grab the opportunity as soon as you can! Don’t go in with too many expectations and make the most of the networking opportunities with the employers who take part. You never know whose eye you might catch! When the course says it’s intensive 0 it means it – but it’s so worth it because it’s so rewarding.

It’s been seven months since I graduated from Creativity Works and, even today, I still look back at useful notes I made during the sessions. I still receive great support from the team, and I’m so thankful I took part. Anyone with a dream to be in the media and creative industry should 100% apply!

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