Because of Creativity Works Futures, I was able to get my foot in the door of the media and creative industry

Posted 14 February 2022

Stumbling across a Facebook advert for our Creativity Works Futures programme led 23-year-old Mikha to finding her feet in the media and creative industry and landing a job at Edelman.

I applied for Creativity Works Futures in October 2021 after graduating from university. At the time I was working in an admin role, but I always knew I wanted to be doing something within the creative industry. I felt stuck applying for roles and constantly getting rejected. Though looking back, I realised my CV didn’t showcase my creative side as much as it could have.

Stumbling upon Media Trust’s Creativity Works Futures programme through a Facebook ad and seeing last season’s highlight reel, I felt encouraged to try my luck once again at getting into the media industry.

My standout moment on the programme was the session with the Edelman Data and Intelligence team where we learned about primary and secondary data gathering and analysis. Having been exposed to their body of work that was not only successful but also always aimed to leave a positive impact on society, I realised my passion for PR and communications. Since finishing the programme I’ve secured a role at Edelman as an Assistant Account Executive through Edelman Open, their entry level scheme that allows you to rotate across different specialisms over six months.

I am a Filipino, born in the Philippines and moved to the UK in 2019. I completed my MA in Comparative Literature and ended up staying and finding work here. Because of Creativity Works Futures, I was able to get my foot in the door of the creative industry.

The most valuable thing I learned from the programme was how to love myself and where I come from. Being surrounded by both individuals already in the industry as well as my fellow trainees that face similar barriers and yet happily thrive in various creative fields gave me the confidence boost I needed to breakthrough. I even made lasting friendships and connections along the way!

If you’re thinking of applying to the next season of Creativity Works, I would say go for it! It was one of the best and life-changing experiences I’ve had, and I’ve met some of the best people that are still my friends today.

Creativity Works is open for applications - apply today!

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