Creativity Works allowed me to land my dream role with the BBC

Posted 20 September 2022

Jazz is a young Londoner who was aiming to find a career in the media and creative industry. After taking part in Media Trust’s Creativity Works Programme, she was able to gain, not only her dream position with BBC News London, but also a range of a wide range of employability skills, a deeper insight into the industry and a new confidence in herself!

I applied for Media Trust’s Creativity Works Programme while working as a fashion retail Sales Associate in Carnaby. I was looking for a new opportunity that would allow me to gain experience in my desired career field of the media and creative industry. That’s when I saw applications for Creativity Works being shared across Twitter, and I knew I had to apply! 

Before starting the programme, I had expected it to be a chance to gain some media and employability skills, build a portfolio, as well as network with like-minded people who have similar passions to me. It was all of that – and so much more! 

My favourite session was when we visited VICE. We were put into groups and given a brief; to produce a video for their series ‘War on Drugs’. Each member of our team had their own role including editing, producing, sound and presenting. I was the presenter for my team and loved using their professional equipment as well as being on an actual set. This was a real stand out moment for me, not only within the programme, but in my life. Is it was my first time presenting a journalistic piece in such a professional way, and it confirmed to me that this is what I want to do, and that I am good at it too! 

Jazz and her Creativity Works cohort during induction.

Another stand out moment was when I was chosen to present the closing showcase ceremony for the programme. This was in front of a live audience at Initiative’s office, which include programme partners and funders, family members and friends, and staff from Media Trust and Initiative. This was very important for me to do as I have always been extremely nervous to talk in front of people, particularly on a large scale like this. With the encouragement of my peers and the programme leaders I managed to overcome my fear and push myself out of my comfort zone, delivering a strong, confident presentation. 

I have just recently started a position as a Journalist Apprentice in BBC News London! My role will include working in the newsroom alongside a team to develop my journalistic skills and produce content for TV, digital, and radio channels. I am looking forward to getting my teeth sunk into all areas of this job, such as writing newsroom briefs, researching and sourcing suitable guests and creating quality content. This apprenticeship will last for two years and comes with a guaranteed job offer upon completion.  

Alongside this, I am studying at college in order to achieve a Level 5 Apprenticeship in Journalism and an industry recognised NCTJ diploma.   

I applied for this same role last year and was rejected, so it is clear to me that Creativity Works definitely contributed to me reaching my goals of landing this dream position.    

The programme made me more confident in my ability to produce quality pieces of work, such as digital content and presentations, contribute and be part of a team, as well as simply meeting new people!

One of the most useful aspects of Creativity Works for myself was the fact that it gave me a lot of practical social and networking skills. For example, I was actively thinking about my goals, strengths and experiences in everyday discussions with my group, which has proved so useful in interviews. 

Creativity Works taught me a lot about the media industry itself and the processes within, such as marketing, which I had not considered much before. It allowed me to unlock and explore these areas of my desired industry which I had no opportunities to do so before! 

I also received useful tips on how to get started in the industry and make a name for myself. Some invaluable advice that stood out to me was to “just be yourself” in interviews. I had this in mind when completing my second (and successful) application for the BBC Apprenticeship.  

I would tell anyone considering applying for the upcoming Creativity Works season to just go for it – you’ve got nothing to lose, but everything to gain! It’s the perfect opportunity to put yourself out there and try something new – you will meet a lot of people you would never have met otherwise and new experiences you might not have considered before. It’s a very supportive environment where they push you to do and be your best, even after you leave! 

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