Boosting our spokespeople’s confidence with Media Trust’s bespoke training

Posted 4 July 2023

Carmel Smith, Communications and Marketing Manager at Mental Health Matters, sought bespoke media training to further increase the reach and brand recognition of the organisation. After finding Media Trust’s tailored communication packages, Mental Health Matters were able to take their media skills to the next level.

Mental Health Matters is a national charity with over 35 years of experience. Our mission revolves around delivering mental health and social care services to individuals in local communities across England. Committed to ensuring the wellbeing of those with mental health needs, Mental Health Matters support over 15,500 individuals each month. Our dedicated workforce strives to empower individuals on their recovery journey and we’re continually seeking opportunities to expand our services to reach more people in need. 

We recognised the importance of media exposure but lacked experience in effectively utilising it to further our cause. With the aim of increasing brand awareness and encouraging people to seek our support, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, we sought bespoke media training. We were looking for a tailored training programme that would build the confidence of our spokespeople, align with our charity’s values, all within a safe environment for learning.

The trainer struck a balance between challenging scenarios and building confidence, allowing our spokespeople to improve their interview skills while retaining their authenticity.

Mental Health Matters logo.

I discovered Media Trust’s bespoke training offering through online research. After contacting them, we were promptly connected with a knowledgeable and experienced trainer who invested time in understanding our organisation, the unique challenges we face and the wider mental health sector. The training agenda was co-produced to ensure it catered to our specific needs, incorporating both proactive and reactive interview scenarios reflecting real-life situations.

The highlight of the training was witnessing how all our spokespeople were able to enhance their interview techniques without losing their individual style. This was crucial for our charity as it ensured our spokespeople remained relatable to the diverse population we support.

Some of the Mental Health Matters team.

The bespoke training provided by Media Trust had a profound impact on us at Mental Health Matters. It significantly boosted confidence levels and enabled us to seize numerous media opportunities, both proactively and reactively. We were so pleased with the feedback from our staff for the initial training session that we quickly organised a second training session for an additional group of colleagues, further expanding the reach of our new media-savvy spokespeople. 

As a charity with a vision of providing accessible mental health support in a society free from stigma, the enhanced media presence resulting from the training had tangible benefits.

We hear of people coming forward and accessing our support after hearing about us through local media coverage, which is fantastic!

Mental Health Matters logo.

I would highly recommend working with Media Trust! They take the time to understand your organisation, where you are now and where you want to be and build a training programme that supports that wholeheartedly.

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