How taking part in Creativity Works shaped my diverse, multi-media production career

Posted 2 November 2023

Imaan Samson is a Creative Producer who works on arts campaigns and projects. His ​visual arts ​interests led him to ​the Mayor’s​ Fund for London’s Creativity Works Programme - an opportunity to connect with like-minded creative people. This was followed by ​a range of other production projects, including some award-winners...

Imaan’s background

My journey with Creativity Works began when I stumbled upon the programme on LinkedIn, having just finished my degree in Digital Film Production. Creativity Works, which ran for eight weeks, seemed like the perfect chance to gain hands-on experience.

Before joining Creativity Works, I was freelance, and was fortunate enough to be commissioned by the Greater London Authority to work on a thrilling Web-VR project about Croydon Street Art. Whilst freelancing had its excitement, I wanted to broaden my horizons.

Taking part in Creativity Works 

One stand-out memory of Creativity Works was the Charity Challenge week, when we connected with the founders of Men’s Minds Matter and had 48 hours to come up with a campaign that raised awareness of men’s mental health. Our winning idea, ‘Sending Love to those who need it’, brought the organisers to tears. As a bonus, we even got to visit the TikTok Head Office in London. 

It was a powerful reminder of why I fell in love with storytelling in the first place, and what motivates me to create narratives that make a difference in the world.

Another highlight was winning a brief challenge with Quiet Storm. We were asked to help engage younger audiences with the Vimto brand. This experience not only boosted our confidence, but also rewarded us with Vimto goodies.

Thanks to Creativity Works, I also learned about Twitch partnerships, which involve talent scouting and live streaming content. Nicole Chen, a Creative Strategist, shared her process of ‘Brief, Insight, Opportunity, and Idea’: a method I still use today. This approach helps me break down complex client briefs and develop engaging concepts. Lastly, the virtual workshop with Powerstar matched my interests in film and technology and opened up exciting career possibilities. 

Imaan stood outside, in front of other people, a large building and art piece, showing his camera to another person.

Where is Imaan now? 

Since my time with Creativity Works, I became the youngest Creative Practitioner on the UK’s largest immersive storytelling project, StoryTrails. As part of this, I worked on an Augmented Reality (AR) project that has won a Webby Award in 2023 and won Research Project of the Year for The Times Higher Education Award. I also represented unboxed2022, the commissioner of StoryTrails, as a Brand Ambassador; this saw me champion young talent in STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) and improve my public speaking through their national roadshows. 

Creativity Works has shaped my journey and prepared me for the diverse work I do now.

I also took on the role of Producer for ‘Loose Parts’, a project with the annual Today at Apple Creative Studios London program and Fully Focused Productions. Thanks to mentorship from filmmaker Nathan Miller, I played an important part in bringing this project to life, expanding my film production portfolio. 

Since taking part in the Creativity Works program, I have also managed multiple award categories for Cannes Lions, an event seen as the Oscars for advertising. Working for Cannes Lions helped me meet leaders in the advertising and branding world; I now know what it takes to be a Cannes Lions winner. 

Aside from this, I also produce creative projects whilst and coordinate events. I ​even attended an international Artist Residency, the SPACE Programme, based in Paris. This brought fresh perspectives into my work. 

The impact of Creativity Works 

The programme gave me the confidence and self-belief to navigate the creative media industry. I developed essential soft skills, broadened my knowledge base, and built a solid network of contacts. The programme’s emphasis on real-world, hands-on experiences and industry insights, which laid the foundation for my journey and the opportunities that I have gone onto achieve. 

Basically… Creativity Works served as a launchpad for my career, and I’m incredibly grateful. 

Taking part in Creativity Works ​opened doors for​ me to become an international award-winning producer.

To anyone considering applying to take part in youth or training programmes with Media Trust, just take the leap. Creativity Works isn’t just about learning; it’s about creating, pitching ideas, receiving constructive feedback, and growing with your peers.  

I believe Creativity Works can help anyone looking to kickstart their career in the creative industries. If you haven’t quite figured out your role yet, but you want to learn, don’t hesitate to apply – you won’t regret it.

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