Our staff

Meet the team working to level the playing field for media representation.

Headshot of Aoife

Aoife Allen

Project Manager

Headshot of Ashanty

Ashanty Alves

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Carly

Carly Bell

Senior Volunteering Programme Manager

Headshot of Katie

Katie Bourn

EA & Corporate Affairs

Headshot of Cassandra

Cassandra Buck

Project Coordinator

Headshot of Daisy

Daisy Church

Senior Programme Manager: Screen Industries & Mentoring

Headshot of Louise

Louise Dempsey

Head of Engagement & Events

Headshot of Cara

Cara French

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Raluca headshot.

Raluca Ghioculescu

Digital Coordinator

Headshot of Jodie

Jodie Hoskin

Marketing Manager

Headshot of Robert

Robert Janke

Digital Lead

Headshot of Valerie

Valerie Leisten

Project Manager

Headshot of Michaela

Michaela Lowe

Creative Producer

Headshot of Niamh

Niamh Mawhinney

Project Coordinator – Volunteering

Headshot of Nicholas

Nicholas McDonald

Communications and Social Media Officer

Headshot of Fleur

Fleur Nieddu

Creative Producer

Headshot of Chris

Chris Payne

Creative Producer

Headshot of Nicola

Nicola Peat

Senior Business Development & Training Manager

Headshot of Klara

Klara Schmitz

Head of Programmes

Headshot of Jade

Jade Staiano

Digital Skills Programme Manager

Headshot of Tolu

Tolu Stedford

  Creative Producer  

Headshot of Su-Mei

Su-Mei Thompson


Headshot of Lily.

Lily Usher

Project Coordinator – Media Trust Films

Headshot of Jenny

Jenny Walton

Director of Charity Services

Headshot of Ed

Ed Wise

Creative Producer

Headshot of Naomi

Naomi White

Chief Operating Officer