Most people check their emails every morning before social media or the news - so getting your email marketing right is vital. This email marketing cheat sheet and automation planning worksheet from Marketing by Minal is a lifesaver for busy charity professionals.

Digital Objective Builder Template

Do you want to set an objective (or a set of objectives) for your digital work, but not sure where to start? The Digital Objective Builder template asks you questions on your organisational and digital...

Posted 1 July 2019

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Journey Mapping Template

The Journey Mapping Template will help you understand how your audiences interact with you through a series of activities and touch-points. It’s a follow-on resource to the Persona Canvas. If you haven’t looked at personas...

Posted 1 July 2019

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Audience Persona Template

When it comes to digital marketing, understanding your audiences is key to getting results. Our audience persona template will enable you to get familiar with each of your different audiences.

Posted 1 July 2019

Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit is a set of four templates designed to help charity leaders and those involved in their charity's marketing and communications develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

Posted 1 July 2019

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