Low-Cost Social Media Strategies for Charities

19 Oct

Thursday 19 October 2023 10:00 - 12:00

Join this webinar to learn about effective organic, low-cost strategies that are perfect for helping you achieve your social media goals.

Join this informative session to learn about effective organic, low-cost strategies that are both cost effective and perfect for helping you achieve your social media goals on a budget.

In the charity sector, time and money are valuable resources. That’s why having a well-defined social media strategy is crucial. When working to a budget, having a social media strategy can help to guide you with exactly where to focus your resources, so that you can make every minute, and every penny, count.

In this session, we will start by looking at your current position and where you want to be. We’ll then delve into a range of organic, low-cost strategies that can help you achieve those social media goals, working out what to prioritise all within a limited budget.

This session will explore various techniques to drive engagement and cultivate an active and vibrant online community. You’ll gain valuable insights into crafting content that not only captures attention but also nurtures and expands your online presence.

By the end of this session, you’ll have clear practical ideas for leveraging organic strategies that will optimise your social media impact, all without straining your financial resources. Join us and discover how to make the most of your social media.

Through this training, you’ll learn:

  • How to prioritise where to spend your time and budget
  • To identify free digital tools and platforms to make your job easier
  • Strategic and time-saving content creation techniques that are sustainable

Who should attend?

This training session is designed for charity comms workers who are responsible for their organisation’s social media.


Aimed at beginner-intermediate

Meet your expert trainer

Jade Staiano has worked in digital comms for 5 years, with both charities and small businesses. Her training builds their confidence and skills, despite small budgets and time constraints. Working for Media Trust, she’s had the privilege of designing and delivering training for hundreds of charities, and really understands the challenges and barriers they are facing. Jade loves all things digital and is a firm believer that succeeding in digital is about having a curious mindset, and always being open to learning new things.

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