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Communicating Complex Eco Issues in the TikTok Era

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5 October 2023

by Earthtopia

at 33Seconds.



Struggling to simplify complex environmental messaging without sacrificing depth and accuracy? Avoiding climate jargon while inspiring action can be challenging.

Watch our masterclass led by 33Seconds, creators of Earthtopia, one of TikTok’s largest eco-communities which is bigger than Greenpeace, WWF & Extinction Rebellion put together. You’ll learn how to engage and mobilise your audience through compelling content and effective PR and social media strategies.  

Climate change is a sector-wide issue and affects us all. Whether you work for an environmental charity or project or you’re simply passionate about climate change and want to learn more, watch this masterclass to gain insights, tactics and practical guidance.

Watch here

This masterclass is part of the Weston Communicating Climate Programme, which supports UK environmental and climate charities to enhance the reach, power and impact of their communications.

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