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Conquering Climate Comms Series

5 December 2023

by Media Trust



With the years to come being crucial for climate change, how can charities effectively contribute to a meaningful dialogue and inspire audiences to act? We’ve got you covered.

These films belong to our growing Conquering Climate Comms series and offer expert advice for environmental organisations from thought leaders working across the sector. Each film explores a key area of climate communications and provides practical recommendations.

Impactful campaigns

Charities, both big and small, often struggle to find effective ways to collaborate, especially with limited resources. In this film, David Kilner, from Climate Cymru, shares his top tips on why and how you should collaborate with other organisations to increase the quality and impact of your campaigns

Intersectional storytelling

Fahmida Miah, from Climate Outreach, shares her top tips on how to include intersectionality in your climate communications. We all have different identities, such as our gender identity, sexuality and race, and people with some of these identities face more barriers to equality than others. Intersectionality looks at multiple identities that may be disadvantaged in society: for example, a Black woman in the LGBTQ+ community.  

Making your visual storytelling unmissable

When it comes to compelling communications, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. We sat down with Josie Tucker from Studio Adapt – a design studio that tests creative responses to climate change – to find out her top three tips for making your visual storytelling unmissable.  

Principles for diverse storytelling

In this film, Judy Ling Wong, environmentalist, and President of the Black Environment Network, shares her top tips on diverse climate storytelling, including the importance of having clearly defined objectives, respecting cultural differences, and working in equal partnership with case studies.

Working with influencers

In this film, Andrew Davis, digital marketing expert, and Founder of Talk Dygital, shares his top tips on how to find and work with climate influencers, including setting your campaign goals, searching for the right voices, and measuring your success.

Fundraising for climate action

In this film, Chris Hall, climate enthusiast, and Head of Marketing at Charity Digital, shares his recommendations for raising funds online, including making your campaigns interesting, ensuring your fundraising efforts are donor led and being trustworthy.

Produced as part of the Weston Communicating Climate programme, these films have been made possible thanks to funding from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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