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Digital Marketing Strategy Webinar series

18 July 2019

by Media Trust



Our Digital Marketing Strategy Webinar series consists of three modules designed to help charities to effectively promote their work online, grow and engage audiences and increase their visibility.

Thanks to funding from the Marketing Trust we have worked in partnership with Reason Digital to develop this pre-recorded webinar series, designed specifically for charities. The webinars have been broken down into three modules covering key areas for developing a digital marketing strategy including; Digital Marketing Strategy: The BasicsContent and Tactics and Digital Marketing Channels.

Each module is accessible via the downloadable links below and are pre-recorded so you can listen to them in your own time and at your own pace. If you’d prefer to download all the links in one go, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Download links to all modules” button. Don’t worry, you won’t be downloading the entire webinar file to your device, just a link to take you there.


Module 1: Digital Marketing Strategy: The Basics

This first webinar will take you through the basic steps of how to develop a digital marketing strategy. It starts with looking at what makes a good strategy and then breaks down the key elements you need to think about when creating your strategy. These are:

  • Objectives
  • Audiences
  • Channels
  • Conversion points
  • Measurement
  • Resources

Module 1 preview. You can access the full webinar below.

Access Module 1 Webinar (47 MINS)

The webinar is accessible via a link which you can download below.

Module 1 Image

Module 2: Content & Tactics

This second webinar explores different digital marketing tactics and content ideas to engage your audiences online. It helps you think strategically about your digital marketing objectives, different tactics and content ideas and how you measure your impact. It looks at content from a strategic point of view, exploring digital trends and examples of content that has worked well for other charitable organisations.

Module 2 preview. You can access the full webinar below.

Access Module 2 Webinar (29 MINS)

The webinar is accessible via a link which you can download below.

Module 2 image

Module 3: Digital marketing channels

This third module is made up of four webinars and covers digital marketing channels. The first webinar provides a short overview of different digital marketing channels and some top tips before you get started. The following three webinars then go on to delve into the detail of three key digital channels, providing an overview of the channel, what content works and how to analyse your impact and digital engagement so you know when you’re getting it right. The channels covered are:

  • Website & Blog
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube
  • Email (i.e newsletters)

Module 3 preview. You can access all four webinars below.

Access Module 3 Webinars (Four webinars: 5, 25, 56, 15 MINS)

The webinars are accessible via a link which you can download below.

Module 3 image

Access all Modules

You can access all three modules by clicking the download button below.

All Modules Image

Thanks to the Marketing Trust:

The Marketing Trust logoProduced as part of Media Trust’s Digital Marketing Strategy Programme, these webinars have been made possible thanks to funding from the Marketing Trust.


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