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The Intersectional Storyteller’s Toolkit

9 November 2023

by Media Trust

Your stories have the power to change hearts, inspire minds, and create meaningful change. In today’s world, it’s crucial that our stories connect with a wide audience, appreciate unique perspectives, and maintain inclusivity.

When we tell intersectional stories, we look deeper into how society and systems can discriminate against certain groups, and what needs to be changed to support people facing barriers to equality.

But we get it – navigating the world of intersectional storytelling can be daunting. What does intersectionality actually mean? And, as charities, providing vital services with limited resources and stretched communication teams, how can we authentically represent the complex experiences of people we work with?

That’s why we’ve created The Intersectional Storyteller’s Toolkit, a free five-day email series designed to enhance your charity’s intersectional approach in communications and media. The toolkit includes guidance from experts at Stonewall, Black Thrive Lambeth, Climate Outreach, Inclusion London, BBC, The Guardian and Metro, tailored to the unique needs of charities. You’ll learn how to tell stories that are truly powerful and relevant.

Elevate your Intersectional Storytelling with our free 5-day series 

Every day, for five days, you’ll receive an email focusing on a different aspect of intersectional storytelling. Our Toolkit combines short films, theoretical explanations, templates, and practical tips designed to help you and your organisation become more intersectional in your communications and media work including:

  • Understanding intersectionality: Hear from sector leaders on what intersectionality means to them and how they embed it in their organisations.  
  • Framing your story: Understand how to identify, develop and use intersectional frames in your communications.
  • Exploring lived experiences: Reflect on how your organisation can meaningfully and genuinely engage with people’s real life experiences.  
  • Using data: Discover how you can use data to back up intersectional stories and challenge misinformation. 
  • Pitching intersectional stories to journalists: Learn what journalists are looking for when you pitch your intersectional stories.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your storytelling? Join us on this virtual learning series on the power of intersectional storytelling, one email at a time.

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The Intersectional Storyteller series is designed for charitable organisations wanting to start or continue to develop their intersectional storytelling journey. This learning series is funded by Lankelly Chase who connect, support and fund organisations and networks that are seeking to disrupt patterns or help new patterns that contribute to a world healed by justice, equity and inclusion. 

This Toolkit has been developed based on learning, insights and feedback from 30 charities who participated in Media Trust’s Intersectional Reporting Programme, a strategic communications training programme funded by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

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