Vlogstar Challenge

Vlogstar Challenge is an annual vlog training initiative and competition which aims to equip young people with the skills to voice opinions on issues they care about. Now in its sixth year, Vlogstar Challenge has equipped more than 9000 young people in the art of vlog making.

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What is Vlogstar Challenge? 

Vlogstar Challenge is the biggest and longest running vlogging competiton in the UK.

  • Over 9000 young people trained in the art of vlogging
  • Over 800 vlogs submitted to the competition
  • Over 400 schools, sixth forms and youth organisations hosted workshops

It’s all about:

  • Finding your voice
  • Learning media skills and building your network
  • Making a difference

Watch our 2020 Vlogstar Challenge Highlights!

How does it work?

Aged 16-25 and live in London or Essex?

Ready to submit a vlog?

Do you work at a school, organisation or youth group based in London or Essex?

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