What it’s like to volunteer at a Media Trust Speed Mentoring event

Posted 13 February 2020

Carly Radford from The Telegraph Media Group decided to try something new and volunteer at Media Trust’s Speed Mentoring event on Wednesday 5 February.

A bit like speed dating, fifteen volunteers from across the media and creative industry from organisations such as the BBC, Edelman and Financial Times, met with fifteen charities including Adoption UK, Core Coalition and The Connection at St.Martin’s, to provide on the spot marketing and communications advice. So, what did the Programmatic Partnerships Manager make of the experience? And would she recommend it?

Why did you sign up to volunteer at Media Trust’s Speed Mentoring event?

I really wanted the opportunity to connect with different charities, hear more about what they do and how I could use my skills and experience to help with their communications and make them feel more confident. I think it’s a great way to get that discussion going. Often a lot of great ideas come from bouncing off other people.

What were you expecting?

To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but I had been to other charity events led by Media Trust and they’d been really invaluable to me and to the charities that attended. It’s mainly about using your skills to find out what the charity’s objectives are, discuss different ideas and maybe explore other avenues they haven’t considered before for their communications.

Don’t be nervous about not having enough to offer because everyone has something to bring and it makes a real difference to the charities involved

How have you found the event?

It’s been really, really great and I’ve very much enjoyed it. It’s so interesting hearing about different charities that are in the local area, very close to us and how different their challenges are. A lot of charities will have quite a small team and potentially limited resources.

Many of today’s charities have had different approaches to their communications, so I’ve been giving completely different advice to each charity I speak to, which is really interesting because I was a bit concerned that I might only have one thing to say,  but actually by hearing what they need I’ve been able to use my skill-set and my ideas to help In different ways.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about volunteering at a Speed Mentoring event?

Definitely do it. Don’t be nervous about not having enough to offer because everyone has something to bring and it makes a real difference to the charities involved.

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