Discovering our authentic tone and brand identity with Stronger Voices

Posted 31 August 2023

In 2021, Danielle Garwood became the Communications Manager at Power2, stepping into a role that had been vacant for two years. Realising that the organisation needed to develop a tone of voice and a communications plan, she took part in our Stronger Voices programme!

Power2 is a children and young people’s charity that believes in providing every child and young person with the opportunity to thrive, even in challenging circumstances. Our aim is to unlock their potential and empower them to lead happy and fulfilling lives.  

Since 2001, we have supported over 25,000 vulnerable children and young people through our programmes, improving their well-being, re-engaging them with education, fostering connections, and opening doors to opportunities. At Power2, we understand that investing in the younger generation not only enhances individual lives but also reduces the significant societal costs associated with unfulfilled potential.

When I joined Power2 as the Communications Manager in April 2021, I realised that the organisation had been without a Communications Manager for two years. During this time, there had been changes in senior leadership, which made it crucial to establish the foundations of our communication strategy. We needed to define our tone of voice, develop a comprehensive marketing plan, and extend our brand guidelines. Just as we were considering applying for another Media Trust training programme, an old manager from my previous workplace shared a link to the Stronger Voices programme, which seemed tailored to our exact needs!  

Two photos of people sat in a chair, being interviewed by another person as they are filmed on camera.

Media interview training with Maya Goodfellow.

Participating in the Stronger Voices programme presented an opportunity for us to expand our knowledge, build networks, and enhance our organisational narrative. We hoped to gain valuable insights and skills that would enable us to communicate more effectively with our stakeholders and the wider public. By improving our communication practices, we could raise the profile of Power2, engage non-communications staff in conveying our key messages, and prioritise storytelling as a means to connect with our audience.

Throughout the programme, the Media Trust team and dedicated volunteers provided us with invaluable support. The media interview training, conducted by experienced journalist Maya Goodfellow, was a standout experience. Maya’s expertise and guidance were transformative, significantly boosting my confidence by the end of the session. Additionally, Equally Ours reframing workshops led by Cat Whitehouse helped us reshape our narrative, ensuring that our messaging aligned with our goals.

The social media workshops introduced us to practical tools that we continue to use to this day. I must give a special mention to Rabia Mirza, Media Trust’s Senior Programme Manager, whose leadership and unwavering support made the programme truly exceptional.

Rabia felt like a friend, cheering us on and celebrating our progress. Her energy and dedication were instrumental in our success.

Power2 logo.

As a result of our participation in the Stronger Voices programme, Power2 experienced significant positive changes:

  • Agreed new organisational values that guide our work and reflect our mission.
  • Published a new verbal identity, which enhanced how we talk about Power2 and our impact.
  • Extended our brand guidelines to encompass changes in our narrative and strengthen our visual identity.
  • Improved our approach to storytelling, enabling us to connect with our audience on a deeper level.
  • Established new media contacts, expanding our reach, and fostering fruitful collaborations. 

The support we received from Media Trust allowed us to elevate the communications profile of our organisation, empowering non-communications staff to understand the importance of effective messaging. Moving forward, we plan to upskill our Youth Leadership Network, comprised of the young people we support, by training them as ambassadors of Power2. Maya’s media interview training will be instrumental in equipping them with the skills to share the value of their lived experiences.

To any organisation contemplating applying for the Stronger Voices programme, I wholeheartedly encourage you to seize this opportunity. The support you will receive will benefit your organisation‘s growth, enhance your own skills development, and amplify your impact. Stronger Voices has been pivotal in our organisational development, and I am confident it will play a transformative role in yours as well.

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