Terms and Conditions of Involvement

Media Trust’s Volunteer Platform pairs hundreds of communications professionals with charities and community organisations each year. These terms and conditions are designed to make the process as smooth as possible and to ensure that there are clear expectations on all sides.

Charity Terms and Conditions of Involvement: Volunteer Platform

In registering as a Charity on the Volunteer Platform you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Media Trust acts as a link (introduction) between charities and community organisations in need of communications support and professionals from in and around the communications industry (volunteers) who wish to volunteer their time and expertise to help.
  2. As a charity or organisation, you must fit within the eligibility criteria for involvement with the platform: You must be a UK registered non-profit such as a Charity, CIC, CBS, Trust, or Foundation
  3. Whilst we take care to ensure that media volunteers have appropriate skills and experience, we urge charities to consider the appropriateness of the volunteer in terms of meeting their need and carry out their own recruitment and vetting procedures.
  4. We do not undertake any checking of volunteers in terms of, for example, qualifications and background checks and charities should do so if this is required.
  5. After accepting a volunteer, the charity agrees to:
    • Arrange a call with the volunteer within 5-10 working days of being introduced via email.
    • Complete the Feedback Form on completion of the volunteer engagement so that Media Trust can report on success of the match.
  6. The volunteers provide pro bono support. There is no obligation on the charity to pay for services received from volunteers or to give them an opportunity to pitch for paid work.
  7. Copyright and IP of any work undertaken for a charity by a volunteer will belong to the charity to use as they wish unless specifically agreed otherwise between the charity and media volunteer before the work is undertaken.
  8. Some charities wish to pay reasonable out of pocket expenses to volunteers. This is entirely the charities decision and is agreed locally with individual volunteers.
  9. The nature of the Volunteer Platform is that long-term relationships between charities and volunteers often arise. In some cases, the charity may wish to engage the volunteer on a paid basis. Such arrangements are entirely at the mutual discretion of the individual charity and volunteer and there is no obligation on either side to offer or accept a commercial arrangement.
  10. Media Trust accepts no liability for the quality or accuracy of the advice given to charities by volunteers or for loss or damage incurred as a result of an introduction.
  11. Media Trust reserves the right to refuse to engage with charities or volunteers where we feel that such engagement may be perceived to harm the brand and public image of Media Trust; compromise other current and potential Media Trust funding, work-streams or stakeholders; not be in line with Media Trust’s Community Agreement, or not be in line with the objectives of Media Trust.

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