About our volunteers

When you request a volunteer through Media Trust, you can be confident that you will gain access to creative and skilled professionals.

All of our volunteers work within the creative and media industries and their experience spans broadcast, digital, content production, marketing, PR and strategy.

What you will get

Our volunteers offer their time and expertise for free to help charities and communities build their communications skills and capacity. When you sign up to receive help from a Media Trust volunteer, you will get someone that is:

  • Experienced: Whether a freelance filmmaker or marketing director, our volunteers have a minimum of two year’s industry experience
  • Skilled: Our volunteers have a breadth of skills from PR and journalism, film and content production, communications strategy and planning, branding and visual identity, copywriting, editing, design, digital marketing, social media, data and insight analysis and website design
  • Knowledgeable: Drawn from an impressive group of corporate partners and freelancers our volunteers span the media, advertising and communications industries, including integrated media agencies, publishers and broadcasters
  • Creative: Our volunteers spend their day coming up with creative solutions to communications challenges. They are passionate about harnessing this to make a huge difference to your charity.

How our Volunteers have made a difference

Our Corporate Partners

We enjoy outstanding support from the media industry. Our partners include: