Digital Drop-In Clinic: Accessibility for Websites

28 Jul

Friday 28 July 2023 10:00 - 11:00

Join us for Media Trust’s ‘Digital Drop-In Clinic’, our informal online session, and let us be part of your team.

Being a comms professional in a UK charity can be a lonely business – especially if you’re in a tiny department, or – as is so common – a team of one. Imagine having a space where you can discuss your challenges and get to know a few fellow charity comms professionals.

Let us be part of your team. Join us for Media Trust’s Digital Drop-in Clinic, our informal online session where you can get on-the-spot advice, comms coaching and share your challenges and wins.

As part of Websites Unlocked, in each drop-in session we take an hour to focus on a different website challenge. You have a chance to submit your questions beforehand, or you can share a link to a post or webpage you’d like some feedback on.

This month we’ll be looking at accessibility for websites. This session is hosted by Jade Staiano, Media Trust’s in-house expert on digital comms, and industry volunteer, Natalie Curran, from the BBC, whose expertise is in digital accessibility.

You can ask us anything about website accessibility, including:

  • How can you check your website is accessible
  • What are some low costs strategies that will help with accessibility
  • How can you create accessible content

We only have 20 spots available, so if you’d like to come along, register now.

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