Impassioning the North East with Weston Communicating Climate


The Natural History Society of Northumbria work hard to protect the nature of the North East of England and encourage local communities to learn from its beautiful wildlife. Ellie, a naturalist and ecologist, took part...

Posted 16 February 2023

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3 things I learnt from volunteering with Media Trust


During a 20-year career including broadcasting, media relations, PR and marketing, Louise Chandler lives by the phrase ‘Pay it forward’. Why? For Louise, volunteering is a chance to upskill and empower others with knowledge, insight,...

Posted 8 December 2022

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Learning how to live happily ever after


Amanda Edwards, CEO of Explore, examines the influence the media has on young people’s perception of relationships. A rare trip to the cinema to catch Jennifer Lopez’s latest rom-com, Marry Me, made me think about...

Posted 6 October 2022

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