Creativity Works helped me clarify my career path


After completing her History degree, 22-year-old Kate Banura Eagles from London wanted to land an entry-level role working on documentaries in television. Kate had previously been a mentee on the Media Trust & ScreenSkills Emerging...

Posted 5 May 2021

Image of Creativity Works alumni Banura Eagles in the park

Getting involved with Media Trust has been life-changing


After graduating with a degree in French and Spanish, like many young people, Fayida Jailler found it difficult to find a job. She took on several internships to gain experience in the media sector and...

Posted 14 April 2021

Image of Fayida Jailler

My experience volunteering at Women’s Voices


Jess Jarrold, Deputy Digital Ops Director within Hearst UK’s Commercial Operations Team, shares her experience of volunteering at our Women’s Voices event in celebration of International Women’s Day 2021. I work at Hearst UK in...

Posted 18 March 2021

Jess Jarold