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Eight golden rules of Instagram for charities

30 April 2019

by Ian Edwards

Planning Director at Facebook and Instagram.



Facebook and Instagram's Planning Director, and Media Trust Trustee, Ian Edwards offers advice on how charities can make the most of Instagram.

1. Define your unique visual voice

Visual storytelling is central to Instagram. When you’re starting your account, it’s important to be clear about the story that it will tell.

2. Post regularly

Instagram is a community and the more time you put into it, the more your efforts will be rewarded.

3. Tell a story

Charities and non-profit organisations are often rich with compelling stories and imagery – and Instagram is a great way to visually share and bring them to a new audience.

4. Use video

Whether it be candid or produced, sharing videos is a must for charities and non-profit organisations.

5. Engage the community

Be an active part of the community by responding to comments on your posts, tagging relevant handles, and following others and liking their photos.

6. Have a call to action

If you are in the middle of a fundraising or advocacy campaign, include a strong call to action in your posts. You can drive visitors from Instagram to learn more through your blog, make a donation or sign up to volunteer by including a link in your bio.

7. Experiment with Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories to peel back the curtain and create a connection between your work and your followers.

8. Share more in one post

Combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all.

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