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The creative and media industry is at the heart of everything we do. By utilising the skills, passion, vision and financial support of our corporate partners, we can achieve our mission to amplify the voices of charities, communities and young people in the UK. Together we are supporting, connecting, training and mentoring thousands of incredible organisations and inspiring individuals every year. In doing so, we help them champion their cause, tell their stories and enhance the impact they’re having on the issues facing society today. Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Charities, like all organisations, need skills, knowledge and creativity in order to communicate effectively with beneficiaries, funders and the public. However, many charities struggle with communications.

Research continues to highlight that around half of all small charities have a major skills gap in key areas of digital, social media and communications strategy.

This is where Media Trust comes in. We help charities focus on strategic and effective communications with their increasingly limited resources. But we can’t do this alone.

Help us achieve our mission

We enjoy outstanding support from the creative & media industry. Our industry partners comprise some of the leading brands in the creative and media industry and provide invaluable pro-bono volunteers, in-kind resources, and other support. Their passion, creativity and skills help us make a huge difference to so many lives across the UK.

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Charities and Media Volunteers at 2017 Media Trust volunteer event.

Volunteers from more than 20 of our industry partners came together at our 2017 Women's Voices event to create campaigns and strategies aimed at giving women and girls a voice.

Join us

We rely on the generous support of our industry partners. However, the benefits are two-way. By becoming one of our industry partners, you have access to Media Trust’s experience in curating meaningful skills-based volunteering activities for your teams, as well as access to our vast network of charities.

We know that more and more, people are looking for purpose to their lives and organisations that promote CSR and volunteering are more attractive employers.

By getting staff involved in Media Trust’s volunteering, mentoring and fundraising projects, you can enrich your employees working environment, expand their professional networks and develop their careers. By getting involved, staff are encouraged to share their expertise and knowledge in an impactful way.


Employee supported volunteering opportunities

Volunteers can provide assistance to charities in many different ways. They may wish to work with a charity on a one-to-one or group basis. Depending on their knowledge and experience, they may choose to deliver training at one of our masterclasses or mentor one of our charities. If time is a concern, they can participate in our half or one-day volunteer matching or charity challenge events. If supporting disadvantaged young people into the media industry is important you you, we also offer staff the opportunity to engage in our youth programmes.  Staff can sign up to mentor a young person to help them better understand the media industry and expand their horizons.

As a corporate partner, your employees can network with like-minded media professionals at one of our many sporting or fundraising events.

There are also plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your support for our work by sponsoring one of our exclusive media industry events, such as our Media Industry World Cup or Really Big Quiz.

As a Corporate Partner you can join our events, coming together with peers from across the creative and media industry in support of a more fair, purposeful and representative sector.

Most importantly, you’ll be joining an industry-wide network for good. Together, we can make a lasting difference to the way charities and communities communicate across the UK, allowing them to spread their message, raise essential funds and provide much-needed support to their beneficiaries.

Our Corporate Partners

We enjoy outstanding support from the media industry. Our partners include: