Meet Charly Humphreys, winner of the 2020 Vlogstar Challenge

Posted 3 December 2020

After being crowned the 2020 Vlogstar Challenge Champion on 3 November, Charly Humphreys wrote to us about her experience and what she's excited for in the future.

I’d never even tried vlogging before because although it’s something I’ve always had an interest in, I truly never felt confident enough. I was in a constant state of worrying about what kind of content I’d create as well as not having the technical skills and knowing where to start. The masterclasses and invaluable wisdom from successful content creators changed those worries entirely, and, although I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, the Vlogstar Challenge has provided me with a solid foundation of where and how to begin.

Winning the Vlogstar Challenge

I was, (and still am) really shocked at being titled as the Vlogstar Challenge Champion 2020! The entries alongside mine were so innovative and engaging, so the win really does feel surprising!

As somebody who suffers from a chronic case of imposter syndrome, winning the challenge means that I have a credible achievement to be proud of and it will serve as a reminder that if I really want to try something, then I should just go for it! Plus, the awards are a sleek addition to my desk among the plants.

Why it was important to make a vlog on ‘Burnouts, monetising creative outlets & societal pressures’

In recent years, young people have become immersed in the world of social media and I believe that for many, it’s really affecting the way we live our lives. Our perspective and outlook on the world can feel distorted due to the content we consume. As someone who has experienced stress burnouts, panic attacks and physical symptoms of stress regularly, I felt compelled to use my voice and experiences positively, and try to spark conversations.

Mental health issues are increasing each year and stress disorders have skyrocketed. Cultures are changing and becoming far more pressurised, like ‘hustle culture’ and online communities that are breeding toxic positivity. Largely, these communities are promoting the need to appear successful 24/7, and measure our worth based on our ‘socially accepted’ achievements and online presence.

I wanted this video to serve as a small reminder that life can feel chaotic, but if you cut through the craziness, you will find a space to relax. I wanted to encourage people to take up that hobby that they’d always wanted to do but couldn’t find a way to monetise. To find some headspace and stop the perpetual scrolling. To stop experiencing life at 100 mph and hop on the slow train instead!

Charly's winning vlog - Burnouts, monetising creative outlets & societal pressures

Charly’s biggest learning outcome and advice for others 

I’d love to say the art of storytelling, but realistically, as a total technophobe, I found the technical workshops super insightful! I’m a classic ‘all-the-gear-no-idea’ type, so it felt great knowing how I could make content using the stuff I’d owned for years but didn’t know where to start.

Even though I had some ideas about lighting etc, it was great having a professional to just tell me directly what works best.

To anyone considering entering next year’s challenge, don’t even think about it, just DO it! Just throw yourself out of your comfort zone, there really is no better time than now!

There is so much you can gain from taking part in the Vlogstar Challenge, and whatever stage you get to, you will know so much more than you did before.

So what’s next?

I’m now in my third year studying Live Events and Television Production, so a creative career was always the goal. I love working with people and collaborating so making telly stuff feels almost instinctive. Equally, talking is my biggest talent, (a blessing and a curse), and my lifelong ambition is to present radio and tv shows.

The Vlogstar Challenge has already led me to send in a demo to a radio station and has allowed me to make so many amazing industry connections. I have no doubt that it will continue to create incredible opportunities.

Vlogstar Challenge 2021

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