Ranel: I’m now a journalist at CNN

Ranel Felix from London was unemployed, trying to get his first job in journalism when he signed up to Media Trust’s youth programme, Creativity Works. The programme is a free, intensive 10-week crash-course of high-impact media and creative masterclasses as well as employment skills training for media-focused young Londoners who are not in employment, education or training. Ranel shares his story below.

Before I started the Creativity Works programme, I was looking for a job in news and current affairs. I never imagined I would learn so much from my training at Media Trust. From pitching creative ideas to soft skills such as preparing a CV and interview practice; being a trainee on one of Media Trust’s youth programme is a truly unique experience.

I was exposed to so many opportunities such as visiting Spotify, Google and Amazon and attending masterclasses on a wide range of topics. If I has gone straight into an internship at a media or creative agency  before participating in the programme, I doubt I would have had the same opportunity to see the breadth of what the media and creative industry has to offer.

All the skills and experiences I gained were so valuable and have continued to positively influence my career.

I was exposed to so many opportunities such as visiting Spotify, Google and Amazon

After Creativity Works

After I completed Creativity Works and another one of Media Trust’s youth programmes which taught me about about camera handling and editing, I was a runner at a drama company.

Through Media Trust’s support, I was fortunate to gain an internship at CNN. Whilst interning, I was inspired to do more filming, so once I finished my internship at CNN, I went freelance to focus on documentary making.

Due to my previous internship experience with CNN, I was then able to return to take on a new role as a journalist in the news department.

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