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Welcome to Communicating Climate: empowering organisations working on climate and environmental issues to get their message heard and mobilise their audience for positive change.

Communicating Climate is a six-month strategic communications training programme specifically designed for organisations working on climate and environmental issues and related areas. This programme aims to give you, the experts in your field, the skills and knowledge to engage your audience and influence meaningful change.   

The consequences of not addressing climate change, biodiversity loss or environmental degradation are becoming more and more alarming. Changes to our climate and environment affect many aspects of our lives, but they don’t impact everyone in the same way. Our communications need to amplify the voices of marginalised communities and build support for more equitable solutions.

There is an urgent need for the media and policymakers to hear from those working on the ground who understand what action needs to be taken while there is still time to save our planet. Whether you work in conservation, energy, food, or on the many issues that intersect with climate change and the environment such as social justice, health, or education – it is crucial that your voice is heard.

This year’s Communicating Climate programme will prioritise organisations campaigning for change, tackling environmental justice, and supporting marginalised groups in their work. 

Communicating Climate, now in its fourth year, has a proven track record of working closely with experts in communications and the environment. Powered by award winning media agency MG OMD, the programme benefits from guidance from an Advisory Group made up of leading media organisations, environmental charities, and climate communication experts.  

We are looking for 20 organisations to take part in this free six-month programme, which kicks off in April 2024.

Applications for Communicating Climate have now closed.

During the programme, you will: 

  • Receive training in key areas of strategic communications including framing, campaigning and storytelling.   
  • Work with a dedicated team of media and creative volunteers to create an ambitious and tactical communications campaign for 2024. 
  • Gain opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and collaboration with people working in communications in the sector.  
  • Explore the biggest communications challenges and opportunities for driving transformational change for the planet. 

Learn how to talk about complex climate and environmental issues and how they intersect with other areas, reach your target audiences and motivate people to take meaningful action! 

It has made a real difference to me and the charity. The programme covered all the main elements of comms, which has led to an improvement in my understanding and confidence to use this knowledge to push our communications forwards. It was invaluable to be part of a group with fellow charity comms professionals, learning from and supporting each other.

Participant of Communicating Climate, 2023

Programme overview

Communicating Climate takes place between April and September 2024 and is delivered entirely online to make it accessible for organisations to join from anywhere in the UK.  

The core programme includes:   

  • Six workshops led by communication and media experts on topics including: framing your key messages, segmenting and engaging different audiences, using social media strategically, campaigning for change, intersectional storytelling and how to work with the media and secure coverage.
  • Our ‘Framing clinics’ will allow you to work with climate communications experts Heard, to test your messaging and receive immediate feedback and coaching that is focused on authentic storytelling and inspiring action.
  • Personalised support from industry experts at MG OMD and partners to develop creative solutions to key communications challenges.
  • Peer networking sessions to connect organisations on the programme and provide spaces for shared learning and collaboration.  

Alongside the core programme for the selected cohort of 20 organisations, Media Trust will also deliver masterclasses with industry experts and create resources which will be available for you and the wider sector.

A full programme schedule will be shared with you before the programme starts. 

Wondering if Communicating Climate is right for you?

To be eligible for this programme, your organisation must meet the following essential criteria: 

  • Is an organisation with a charitable purpose*, working either primarily on environmental or climate issues or on the intersection of these areas with other related issues and causes, such as human rights, health or education. 
  • Conducts their main work in the UK.  
  • Is a small to medium-sized organisation with an annual turnover of £5 million or less. 

*Organisations with a charitable purpose include charities (although you do not have to be a registered charity to apply), Community Interest Companies (CICs), or Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs), community groups or social enterprises. We do require a minimum standard of governance to demonstrate the viability and longevity of the organisation. This may include providing two years of management accounts or, if more relevant, a constitution. 

To apply to the programme as the lead applicant, you must be responsible for the day-to-day communications at your organisation, even if you have other non-communications-related responsibilities.  

We require one lead contact who attends the entire programme; however, the programme is designed to be flexible, allowing different individuals from your organisation to attend different sessions along with you.    

Priority will be given to organisations that meet one or more of the desirable criteria below:  

  • Organisations driving change through campaigning, advocacy or mobilising communities. 
  • Organisations addressing climate justice and/or environmental justice in their initiatives. 
  • Organisations actively supporting greater participation of marginalised groups in environmental projects and/or amplifying voices rarely heard in discussions on climate and the environment.

We are open to supporting both organisations that are already working in the above areas and those that have an ambition to develop their work in these areas.

We welcome applications from all organisations that meet the essential criteria, but priority will be given to those that also meet the desirable criteria.  

This programme has given us the confidence to better our communications, by using our existing communication platforms more strategically, and by monitoring and measuring our effectiveness. It has also given us time- and cost-saving tools.

Participant of Communicating Climate, 2023

Join the programme 

Important dates 

  • Applications open: 5 February 2024 
  • Applications close: 9am on 11 March 2024 
  • Programme places offered to selected organisations: By 15 April 2024 
  • Programme begins: 25 April 2024

To find out more about the programme and submitting your application, contact our Project Manager Valerie, at 

Impact so far 

Over the past three years, the programme has effectively boosted the confidence, skills, and capabilities of 70 organisations in various areas of strategic communications. These include framing climate change, audience engagement, campaign strategy development, strategic use of social media, crafting compelling content, and engaging with the media.  

Success stories

An award-winning programme 

Our partnership with leading media agency MG OMD has received several awards. Our Charity Challenge in Year 1 saw 400+ MG OMD volunteers provide pro-bono strategic communications support to our charities, leading to the following awards and nominations: 

ThirdSector Awards 2022 Finalist. ThirdSector Business Charity Awards Highly Commended 2022. Campaign Ad Net Zero Awards.

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Our Corporate Partners

We enjoy outstanding support from the media industry. Our partners include: