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Getting Started with Digital – Digital Leadership Stories

17 June 2019

by Media Trust

Case Study

Case Study

In this film Lisa Jones, Communications and Campaigns Manager at women’s charity, Agenda explains how implementing a digital strategy can help small charities punch well above their weight in all aspects of communications, notably campaigning.  

As a relatively new charity, Agenda share their digital journey of starting from scratch to building an engaged and active audience online. Lisa puts forward the types of questions you should be asking about your audience before you invest time, energy and resource into content production.

This film will also provide you with guidance for interacting with both positive and negative followers and engagement on social media and also provides practical tips on how to can engage your charity’s board in your organisation’s digital journey. 

Media Trust’s  Digital Leadership Stories

This film belongs to a  five-part series, and offers you an inside look into small charities that are leading the way in digital. Each film explores a key area of digital communications and  provides unique advice and learning from  digital leaders working across the sector …

The films touch upon five different digital themes: Creating an Engaged Digital Community, Getting Started with Digital, People Driven Content, The Digital CEO and Digital Campaigning.

Produced as part of Media Trust’s Digital Leadership Programme, these films have been made possible thanks to funding from the Department of Digital Culture Media and Sport.


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