Weston Communicating Climate Programme – Eligibility criteria for applicants

Essential criteria  

  • Is a registered charity or; a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO); or an exempt charity 
  • Is based in the UK 
  • Conducts work in the UK 
  • Is focused on climate and/or environmental issues. This includes organisations which work on the intersection between climate and other related issues, such as, work which aims to mitigate the social impacts of climate change, or engages voices not often heard in the climate dialogue 
  • Has an annual turnover of under £5 million for the last financial year 
  • There is a member of staff or a volunteer responsible for communications (even if this is not their full-time role) 
  • The intended participant can commit to a minimum of 15 hours per month between March – September 2022 to attend sessions and complete pre-work and homework. Your organisation may send a different volunteer or member of staff to a session if the named person cannot attend 
  • You have agreement and support from senior leadership of your organisation to be fully involved in the programme
  • Your organisation is able to supply:
    a) Two years of financial accounts
    b) A profit and loss or cashflow forecast for the next 12 months, demonstrating financial stability

Desirable criteria  

Although you do not have to meet all the below to be able to apply, we are particularly interested in organisations which can demonstrate the following: 

  • Have strong evidence of success in their field e.g., through case studies, public feedback or other recognition 
  • Already have some communications systems in place and can describe how the programme will help them make progress in this area. 
  • Face barriers to strategic communications that the programme could help address (e.g., lack of funding, staffing, digital literacy). 
  • Undertake work done to support greater access to environmental projects for marginalised groups, if applicable. 

Please note that the final shortlist will consider where organisations are delivering work in the UK, their size and their environmental focus to ensure we have a cohort that is representative of the wider sector.  

Our Corporate Partners

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