Digital Marketing Strategy Training for Charities 2024

Free in-person digital marketing training for charities

Do you want the opportunity to build your digital marketing knowledge and learn from an industry-leading expert? We are offering you the chance to improve your digital marketing skills, for free.

Thanks to support from the Marketing Trust, we are offering 60 charities the chance to win a free place at one of our full day in-person Digital Marketing Training Workshops.

Developing and launching a long-term digital marketing strategy will help your charity cut through the noise, grow an engaged community, and reach new audiences.  

On top of the training, we will provide follow-up support sessions focused on key digital marketing topics, including SEO and Google Analytics, and drop-in clinics led by industry experts. We’ll make sure you not only learn new digital marketing skills but you are supported to put them in place with expert coaching and feedback. 

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I feel so much more confident in my ability and capacity in digital marketing, I have a drive to use the tools and strategies to put together a strategy for our charity that doesn't rely on ad hoc posting by lots of different people!

Callum Paterson, 2050 Climate Group

Get strategic with your digital marketing

Through a combination of tactical planning guidance and practical activities, this intensive one-day training workshop will leave you ready to put together a detailed digital marketing plan that meets the needs of your organisation and gives you the confidence to implement and manage your plan. 

You’ll learn from our digital marketing expert, Andrew Davis, who has trained over 11,000 people globally, helping them spread their message with low-cost practical strategies.  

You will learn: 

  • How to assess your organisation’s current digital marketing resources and capabilities. 
  • How to add digital marketing channels, tools, trends, and techniques into your marketing strategy. 
  • How to create a realistic and useable digital marketing plan for your organisation. 
  • The importance of digital marketing and the challenges currently facing the sector.

Who should attend the training? 

If your role whether paid, part-time or voluntary includes one or more of the following this training is for you.  

  • You are responsible for the day-to-day management of their organisation’s digital marketing. 
  • You have a role which includes elements of digital comms. 
  • You want to develop new digital communication skills. 

How to enter 

To enter all you have to do is tell us:  

  • If your charity were to succeed in its mission, what would the world look like? (100 words or less) 
  • What difference would digital marketing strategy training make to your charity (100 words or less) 

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Applications will close 30 November 2023, at 5pm. 

Our panel of experts will review all the entries and choose the most engaging, attention-grabbing and impactful answers, whilst also considering who they think will benefit most from the training.  

Please note, when entering, you’ll be asked to choose your preferred location. If successful, you will be allocated one space per charity. There are 15 spaces for each in-person session; by applying you are committing to your attendance on the day. Media Trust will provide refreshments and lunch, but cannot cover the cost of travel. Travel and accommodation, if necessary, must be covered by the participating charity.  

Dates and locations  

All venues are between a 5 and 15 minute walk from the central train station.  

  • Aberdeen, Monday 29 January 2024, 10am – 4pm, The Station Hotel, 78 Guild St, Aberdeen AB11 6GN 
  • Newcastle, Tuesday 30 January 2024, 10am – 4pm, Newcastle Arts Centre, 67 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SG 
  • Bristol, Thursday 1 February 2024, 10am – 4pm, Design West, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA 
  • Norwich, Friday 2 February 2024, 10am – 4pm, National Centre for Writing, Dragon Hall, 115-123 King Street, Norwich, NR1 1QE

I have gained so much it is difficult to know where to start, I feel I have a much better understanding of digital marketing and how it can help. It no longer looks like a monster but like a tool I can work with and increase impact our organisation has in the community.

Herve Bessieres, Munro Health

Digital Marketing Strategy Training 2024 - Terms and Conditions

Definitions: In these terms and conditions references to ‘Media Trust’ should be read on the understanding that Media Trust is working in conjunction with The Marketing Trust for the purposes of the ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ initiative. 

1. Criteria for Awards

1.1 Media Trust will only consider entries from charities registered in the United Kingdom.


1.2 Only one entry per charity will be considered. 

1.3 Entries must be submitted via the entry form online. If there are any problems with doing so, please contact [email protected]

1.4 In making an entry, all the mandatory questions on the application must be answered in full as per instructions.

2. Submission of Entries

2.1 Entries will only be considered if all mandatory sections of the entry form have been completed as directed. 

2.2 In the course of making your entry we will ask you for certain personal information such as email address and telephone number. How Media Trust may use this data to choose which charities will win a place on the training and tomanage the programme on a day-to-day basis, including informing participants of information related to training events, and follow-up surveys.  

All data will be stored securely, treated confidentially, and will be anonymised. Individual data will not be shared, except with external trainers to help them develop and improve the training, which will be anonymised. By filling out this form, you agreeto us storing and using your data as described. 

2.3 You are asked to note that by entering this initiative and submitting information in the course of acting on behalf of your charity, you consent to our collection of and use of any personal information you provide (whether concerning your organisation or any of its supporters or beneficiaries), in relation to and for the furtherance of this initiative. 

2.4 You acknowledge that all information is submitted at your own risk and Media Trust cannot accept any responsibility or liability (other than liability that cannot, as a matter of law, be excluded) for any loss resulting to you from the use or loss of ideas, data or information submitted by you. 

2.5 You also acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary consents to enter the initiative and to pass on a third party’s email address or any other details to Media Trust.

3. Timing of Entries

3.1 Applications may be submitted at any time up to and including 17:00 30 November 2023. Any submitted entries that are submitted after 17:00 will, at Media Trust’s absolute discretion, be deemed to be ineligible for the initiative. 

3.2 Where an entry is submitted before 30 November 2023, and where the information provided does not satisfy the Terms & Conditions, Media Trust will endeavour to notify the applicant as soon as possible so that the necessary amendments can be made. Media Trust does not, however, guarantee that it will be able to do this in every case. 

3.3 Media Trust will endeavour to notify the 60 successful charities of their free place on one of the ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ training workshops by 8 December 2023. Unsuccessful charities will be notified by 15 December 2023.

4. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 

Where any materials or content that you submit are protected by intellectual property rights (such as copyright) it is your responsibility to make it clear that such materials or content are so protected. You accept that by submitting such materials you grant to Media Trust (and by extension to any undergraduate students and creative agencies and broadcasters selected at the absolute discretion of Media Trust pursuant to clause 6) a non-exclusive, royalty free license to use and publish all such material (or any part of it), which may be edited, cropped or otherwise modified by Media Trust (and its selected partners) in any way and at any time and in any media, for the purposes of furthering Media Trust’s ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ initiative.

5. Selection Process

5.1 The selection of the 60 successful charities getting a free place at a ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ training workshop will be made, at their absolute discretion, by a committee of people, who will be drawn from across Media Trust and marketing experts to create the judging panel. 

5.2 The judging panel will seek to select those charities who answer both questions listed on the survey with engaging, attention-grabbing and impactful explanations. Considerations will particularly be given to those charities, which demonstrate the likely positive impact of the marketing strategy support that they would receive if successful. Considerations will also be given to regional spread.  

5.3 There are a limited number of circumstances in which a charity or application will not be eligible for the initiative. These are: 

a) Any registered UK charity connected to or affiliated with any registered political parties or associated organisations (including any lobbying organisation), or any other group that has a stated political opinion or objective or an objective or aim that is polarising. 

b) Any charities not registered in the UK

6. The Prize

The 60 successful charities will each receive one free place for one named member of staff or a volunteer at one of the ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ training workshops on one of the following dates: 

Aberdeen, Monday, 29 January 2024, 10:00 – 16:00 

Newcastle, Tuesday, 30 January 2024, 10:00 – 16:00 

Bristol, Thursday, 1 February 2024, 10:00 – 16:00 

Norwich, Friday, 2 February 2024, 10:00 – 16:00

Media Trust nor The Marketing Trust will be liable for any costs incurred by any of the 60 successful charities to cover travel expenses, accommodation, or refreshments, food or other hospitality costs related to travelling to, attending or travelling from the event. 

7. Contacting Us

The initiative and the management of this entry and selection process is carried out by Media Trust. Should you have any questions regarding the initiative or the entry process or any other concern, please contact Jade Staiano on:  

Email: [email protected]  

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We would like to thank the Marketing Trust for their generous support in funding this initiative. 

The Marketing Trust is an independent charitable trust which makes grants of financial assistance to charitable, volunteer, educational and other organisations for the purposes of training their staff, volunteers, young people and the general public in any or all aspects of marketing understanding and/or execution, and to appreciate the role of marketing in today’s society. 

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