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We are passionate about helping charities promote their work through powerful storytelling.

Our award-winning in-house production team helps charities promote their work through powerful short films. These films, free for the charities, vary enormously in style and content. They are created to amplify the voice of the charities, raise awareness of their work, and support volunteer recruitment, campaigning or fundraising efforts.

For over ten years, Media Trust Films has produced prize-winning films for several different funders including City Bridge Foundation, John Lyon’s Charity, The Mercers’ Company and The Santander Foundation.

We pride ourselves on our sensitive and collaborative approach to filmmaking and we work with some of the industry’s most creative directors, producers, crew and editors to make powerful and engaging films that generate impact.

The films are completely free for the charities and vary enormously in style and content. The films strengthen the voice of the charities, raising awareness of their work and support volunteer recruitment, campaigning and fundraising.

Recent wins

You can check out some of our award-winning films here.

How it works

We collaborate with a funder to develop a programme that includes training for charities in filmmaking, social media and distribution. The funder then selects a number of charities they support to participate in the programme, or we assist in administering an application process where charities can apply.

Once the charities are onboarded, Media Trust Films pairs them with highly skilled volunteer filmmakers who produce and direct a short film for them. We oversee the production, guiding the charity through the process, addressing their questions, and ensuring they gain the most from the programme.  

Once the film is completed, the copyright of the film belongs to the charity, and they are given all the assets for their own use. Funders can host a screening event to celebrate the release of the films and the work of everyone involved including the volunteer filmmakers. The screenings have been in venues such as the Barbican, ICA, Everyman Cinema, the Ham Yard Hotel, and Curzon Soho.

We really can't thank Media Trust Films enough for matching us with our volunteer director and crew and allowing us to create this film together.

Charity lead, 2023

Commissioned Films 

For charities that are not supported by one of the funders that we work with, Commissioned Films is another option to make a film if a charity has a small budget. Media Trust Films can produce a film (or films) at a reduced rate and offer our expertise.

If you are a charity and you are interested in us putting together a budget outline for a commissioned film for you, please get in touch with Chris, 

Watch one of our commissioned films, for The National Trust.

Working with Media Trust Films is always a truly fulfilling experience. You end up wanting to make the best possible film and want to call in all the favours due to their positive outlook and the inclusive environment they create.

Volunteer director, 2023

If you are a funder and interested in offering this opportunity to your beneficiaries, please contact us at to find out more.

Our Corporate Partners

We enjoy outstanding support from the media industry. Our partners include: