Marketing Strategy Training for Charities 2024

Free online marketing training for charities

Do you want the opportunity to build your marketing knowledge and learn from an industry-leading expert? We are offering you the chance to improve your marketing skills, for free.

Thanks to support from The Marketing Trust, register now for our Digital Marketing Training Workshops, and Marketing Essentials Workshops.

Digital Marketing Training 

Held online, this two-part workshop has helped hundreds of charities to date. 

Developing and launching a long-term digital marketing strategy will help your charity cut through the noise, grow an engaged community, and reach new audiences.  

Through a combination of tactical planning guidance and practical activities, this intensive two session training workshop will leave you ready to put together a detailed digital marketing plan that meets the needs of your organisation and gives you the confidence to implement and manage your plan. 

You’ll learn from our digital marketing expert, Andrew Davis, who has trained over 11,000 people globally, helping them spread their message with low-cost practical strategies.  

You will learn: 

  • How to assess your organisation’s current digital marketing resources and capabilities. 
  • How to add digital marketing channels, tools, trends, and techniques into your marketing strategy. 
  • How to create a realistic and useable digital marketing plan for your organisation. 
  • The importance of digital marketing and the challenges currently facing the sector.

Marketing Essentials Workshop (Offline Marketing) 

In this brand-new online workshop, learn all about the foundational aspects of marketing and how to apply them offline, in your local setting, helping your organisation to build connections and establish trust with local communities. Learn how to make the most of traditional marketing channels such as print, radio, and events. These provide tangible touch points that resonate with individuals who may not have a significant online presence or access to digital platforms. 

You will learn: 

  • What is marketing and what could it do for your organisation? 
  • A blueprint for analysing your organisation’s situation and developing a marketing strategy with clear aims and objectives.
  • How to select marketing channels and develop tactics and content to deliver your strategy.
  • How to refine your messaging to engage your audience.
  • How to work with your local press and journalists.
  • How to create effective marketing materials.

Extra support on the topics you need

On top of the training, we will provide follow-up support sessions focused on key digital marketing topics, including SEO and Google Analytics, and drop-in clinics led by industry experts. We’ll make sure you not only learn new marketing skills but you are supported to put them in place with expert coaching and feedback.  

I feel so much more confident in my ability and capacity in digital marketing, I have a drive to use the tools and strategies to put together a strategy for our charity that doesn't rely on ad hoc posting by lots of different people!

Callum Paterson, 2050 Climate Group

Who should attend the training? 

If your role whether paid, part-time or voluntary includes one or more of the following this training is for you.  

  • You are responsible for the day-to-day management of their organisation’s marketing. 
  • You have a role which includes elements of comms. 
  • You want to develop new communications or marketing skills.


Marketing Essentials Workshop (Offline Marketing)

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshops

Please note, that these workshops are online. Each workshop has two sessions, both 10:00 -12.30pm. Please make sure you can attend both sessions. 

I have gained so much it is difficult to know where to start, I feel I have a much better understanding of digital marketing and how it can help. It no longer looks like a monster but like a tool I can work with and increase impact our organisation has in the community.

Herve Bessieres, Munro Health

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We would like to thank the Marketing Trust for their generous support in funding this initiative. 

The Marketing Trust is an independent charitable trust which makes grants of financial assistance to charitable, volunteer, educational and other organisations for the purposes of training their staff, volunteers, young people and the general public in any or all aspects of marketing understanding and/or execution, and to appreciate the role of marketing in today’s society. 

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